The exuberant earth is ready to receive our dreams as God has sealed them in our hearts. He unseals and a dream is released into the atmosphere where exuberant earth waits. Will we capture the dream and take hold of it and put a plan into action so that we can see it come to fruition? That is the proverbial question of visionaries and leaders all over the beautiful earth He has given us.

My spirit senses that it is time to get serious about developing plans and strategies so that we can put into motion the dreams that He has given to us. Will it be easy? Perhaps for some dreams. Perhaps not for others. One thing I’m hearing though is that it will require an investment of our time, effort, and labor to see a dream accomplished. Are you ready for this? Am I ready for this? Are we ready for this?

It is time to dream big and put all of our dependence on God who has been and continues to prepare us emotionally and spiritually through our choosing to crucify our false selves for our true selves so that the life Jesus has given us can be lived with abundant favor and blessings as we continually seek His Presence and partner with Him in the Divine Dance constantly moving in and among Father, Son, and Holy Spirit always.

This is my biggest dream—to be in that place. It may sound a bit idealistic and out there to some people but as I let my mind go there I know this is my heart’s desire. This is where I belong.

Do I fully comprehend it all? Not really. But, God knows I’m ready to meet Him there. So, my trust and dependence must be on Him that when He releases one of my dreams upon this exuberant earth I let Him have the Director’s Chair and write the script according to His plan. He is the Author and Finisher of my faith and that includes every dream, every challenge, every fear, every ability, every weakness, every strength, that comes with who I am. Who I am is because of Who He Is! Am I ready for this? For dreams to be released? I answer, “Yes, with much fear and trembling, yes.”

I hold on to the verse in Isaiah 32:17 where one translation states, “in quietness and confidence will be your strength.” That place speaks to me of humility—To listen more, to be still, and to depend on Him because He truly is my confidence and strength. I want this truth to be so alive in me! Let it be Lord! Let it be! Amen!