My Morning Musings


“Oh, how beautiful the sun as it rises and casts it’s golden glow over your creation. The water ripples with the smooth paddling of ducks feet. The blue heron patrols the shore line searching for it’s morning meal. A gentle breeze passes through the limbs and branches of the trees and the leaves and palm fronds dance their graceful ballet.”


Your Awesomeness

This is a poem I wrote on April 15, 2001. That seems so long ago now but, my heart still feels the same as it did then.

I search for words to express

even, profound words

that describe

Your Awesomeness.

They do not come

for, I have a simple mind,

You see.

So, in the ways that I know best

Your Awesomeness

to express;

The sparrow that sings a melody

so sweet,

the woman who, with her tears,

washed Your feet,

the Roman officer whose faith

caused You to heal a soul,

the lame, the blind,

the demon-possessed

that You made whole.

Your humble gentleness,

Your compassion, so pure,

yet, with authority You walked,

so sure.

You came, You gave,

you even conquered death

and then You breathed life

into my soul.

With Your breath,

You made me whole.

How can I really express

Your Awesomeness?

Is it words?

Is it deeds?

Is it neither?

Or both of these?

The only way to express

Your Awesomeness

is to let You live

Your life through me,

so others will be blessed.

Yet, Your glory, I do not seek.

It is Your own,

Your reward to keep.

Grant that I might be

a reflection of You,

in words,

in deeds,

always, both of these!

Then one long awaited day

I will be with You in glory

forever expressing

Your Awesomeness.

©️April 15, 2001

The Journey Begins—my 1st blog

What is a blog? Is it nothing more than refined journaling? My brother, Gary, writes a blog, even had a .com page called thinkr8. It was a page for thinkers to write their thoughts in poetic or rambling prose. I’ve done both.

My young childhood self wrote a short story. I called it Jingles, the Cat. I wish I still had that story. The highlight of writing it was showing it to my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Harrell, who promptly wanted me to read it to his 5th grade class. (I had moved on to the 6th grade at the time). I was nervous and insecure. Suddenly, my awesome story didn’t sound so awesome anymore as I carefully read the words with about 60 eyes staring at me. I just “knew” they were thinking who was I to stand there and read to them a story I had written? “Why did he have to ask me to share this story? It was for his eyes only. I surely didn’t want to be embarrassed like this? I’ll never write again! And if I do, I’ll never show it to him!” It’s hard to believe now that a 12 year old could have such emotionally abusive self-defeating thoughts. But that’s what happens when you are brought up in an alcoholic dysfunctional home.

My depressed self wrote poetry. I still have some of those poems written while a young ‘adult’ – that word is used loosely. Writing poems was the only outlet I had trying to make sense of my dysfunctional and traumatized self.

Mid adult years produced a few more poems and some attempts at serious s writing but, my greatest achievement was an allegory that I believe to this day has great potential to be a published Kindle book.  If only I can find that story!

My love for writing is an inherent God-breathed generational gift. It is up to me to investigate how best to develop and use this talent. A few of my friends have started blogs. They have challenged me to do the same. Would you like a peek into my world? It is a life story of many colors woven into a beautiful tapestry of God ordained destiny.

I’m grateful you’re here.